Premium Wash and Wax

Add Gloss and Protection to your paint. A Simple service that delivers a noticeable difference.

Our Pricing

Simple Pricing

These are general prices, final price is based on size and condition

$ 120-140

Slick, Glossy and Protected Paint

This is a great and budget friendly service. It doesn’t take all day, yet delivers a lot of bang for buck. If you recently bought a new vehicle and want it to stay looking new, or just haven’t waxed your car for a while and want it to pop again, this may be your solution.

Benefits include:

Insane Gloss, Depth of Color, UV Protection, Chemical Resistance, Car stays cleaner longer.

Wash and Wax Process

Note :

Frequently Asked

Wash and Wax FAQs

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On Average, it takes 2-Hours for a medium sized fairly new car.

We accept cards, cash, and mobile payments from most popular payment apps. We do not accept checks.