Paint Correction Services in Fresno

Add Gloss and Protection to your paint. 

Bring Back The Gloss

If you bought a new vehicle, ready to sell, or just want your paint to look great and protected.. this service is for you.

We are professional Paint Correction specialists in Fresno. Our loyal customers have given us Over 60- 5 Star Reviews on Google. Sit back while we work to give you a shiny and protected vehicle at your doorstep.

We come to you, so you can literally work or sleep while we deliver you high value results. Or you can

drop off at our location.

Professional Products

 Using professional detailing products can provide many benefits when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your car. These products are specifically formulated to be more effective than standard household cleaners and can help to remove tough stains, dirt, and grime from both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Professional detailing products are also designed to be gentle on delicate surfaces such as leather seats or dashboard materials, which means they won’t damage or fade your car’s interior over time. Additionally, these products often offer superior protection against elements such as UV rays and harsh weather conditions, helping to keep your vehicle looking its best for longer.

Ultimately, investing in professional detailing services can help you to achieve a cleaner, more polished look for your car, while also protecting its value and longevity in the long term. 

Our Process

Note :

Our Pricing


(These are starting prices, final price depends on size and condition)

Paint Enhancement Polish

Light Polish (minimum 30% defects removed) 4 Month Wax
$ 297+

1 Step Correction Polish

Minimum 50-70% Swirls and Defects Removed 6 Month Wax Sealant
$ 597+

2 Step Correction Polish

80-95% Swirls and Defects Removed 6 Month Wax Sealant
$ 997+

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